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Organizer Attributes

The following three images show the front, back, and
open views of a typical organizer from Woven In Exile.
Front view                                        Back view
One large cell phone                   One zippered pocket
 pocket and three small                                                       
store tab pockets                                                       
Open view
One zippered pocket, five card pockets,
key fob, and one coupon pocket

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Workmanship quality is often best observed up close.  There are many factors that determine the quality of a woven item.  The evenness of the weave, warp placement and tension, careful alignment in beating each weft, choice of yarn, as well as color selections all contribute to its excellence.  Some of these factors are inherent in the item and others are perceptual on the part of the weaver and the purchaser.  One woman was so impressed with her bag that she exclaimed "You can't even tell these aren't machine-made!"  While we're not sure that it is a true compliment for an artist to be compared favorably with a machine, we think that her reaction was favorable because she perceived high-quality craftsmanship in the construction of her shoulder bag. 

These detail pictures of the handwoven fabric show high quality and fine workmanship.

Besides the visual perceptions of quality, these thick-textured woven fabrics have a luxurious feeling.