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We indicate the measurements of each item on this website and we group bags by size.  This page describes how we measure our bags and the yarn we use.

Prices correlate with size; smaller bags are less expensive than larger bags.  This correlation reflects the costs of materials and labor.

Bag Measurements

Because pictures are subject to the zoom effect and distance from the lens to the bag, we provide the measurements of every bag so you can have a good sense of its actual size.  In most of our pictures we have also included a one-foot ruler in the picture to serve as a reference scale.

W = Width
Looking at the picture of a bag, the width is measured from left to right.

H = Height
Looking at the picture of a bag, the height is measured from bottom to top.

L = Length
Looking at the picture of a bag, the length is measured by
stretching the handle and measuring from the bottom of the bag
to the extended end of the handle strap

Measuring Width Measuring Height Measuring Length

Bag Sizes

To give an overall sense of the size of a bag, we classify them as small, medium, and large.

Tiny bags

Tiny bags are less than 40 square inches (W * H < 40 sq in)

Small bags
Small bags range from 41 to 80 square inches (W * H > 40 .and. < 81 sq in)

Medium bags
Medium bags range from 81 to 150 square inches (W * H > 81 .and. < 151 sq in)

Large bags
Large bags are greater than 150 square inches (W * H > 150 sq in)


All of our bags are woven using 3/2 100% combed mercerized cotton that we purchase from Supreme Corporation.  You can see their color charts at www.supremecorporation.com  Click on the "Color Cards" link at the top of the first page.  As far as we can tell, all of the links to "Mercerized Cotton" show the same color charts regardless of whether they are labeled "Dyed Cotton Yarn," "Craft Yarn," or "Apparel Yarns." 


Item Descriptions

There are some inconsistencies in our item descriptions, but we generally follow these definitions for the items our weavers create.

Bag:  Bag is a generic term meaning a non-rigid container used to carry almost anything.  Bags can be made of many different materials from paper and plastic to cloth, leather, or straw.  They are used for groceries, money, lunches, popcorn, tea, cameras, cosmetics, sportswear, or sleeping.

Shoulder bag:  Shoulder bags are used to hold personal items and have a strap that goes over a shoulder or across the body.  These might also be called messenger bags, satchels, purses, clutches.

Handbag:  Handbags are medium to small sized bags with a short strap designed to go over an arm or held by hand.

Purse:  Purse is another name for a handbag. 

Wallet:  A wallet is a small, flat case or bag that is used to carry cash, credit cards, identification documents, photographs, or business cards.  Wallets tend to be pocket-size, foldable, and carried in a pocket or larger bag.  Because wallets are often used to carry paper money  they are sometimes called billfolds.

Organizer:  An organizer is a small, flat bag used to carry cash, credit cards, identification documents, photographs, or business cards.  They often hold an electronic gadget like a cell phone, calculator, or iPod along with one or more other items.